The Full Court of all 90 Members is the governing body of the Company of Merchant Taylors. The Full Court meets at least three times a year and, as trustees, consider proposals put to it by the Court of Assistants and any other business put forward by the membership.

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Master of the Company

The Master is the nominal head of the Company. He or she is appointed by invitation of the Court of Assistants, and serves in office for one year, commencing and terminating on Charter Day.

The Master's duties include chairing the Full Court and Court of Assistants, presiding at all Company functions and representing the Company at the various functions of other Guilds throughout the country.

The Master for 2019/20 is John Short who was installed at Charter Day on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

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Court of Assistants

The executive committee of the Company - 19 members who are answerable to the Full Court and charged with the routine management of the Company and the long term planning and strategy of the Charity.

The Court of Assistants comprises: the Master and Immediate Past Master, the four Wardens (the Senior (Master Elect) and Junior Wardens and two Past Masters), the four Searchers (Members who have not yet served in office), the Chancellor, the Honorary Architect, the Honorary Solicitor, the Clerk, and Chairs of the main committees.


The Court of Assistants is supported by a number of Committees which deal with areas of Company business.  These include Charitable Donations, Catering, Finance, Fabric, Membership and Business Development.  Members are invited to join committees as a way of using a particular interest or skill to support the running of the Company.