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Company Archive

The Company's ancient archive is held on loan by the Borthwick Institute at Heslington, part of the University of York, and is available for inspection upon request. Very little material survives from the medieval period beyond a small collection of property deeds and bonds from the 14th & 15th Centuries. Membership records exist from the mid-16th Century and apprenticeship material from the beginning of the 17th Century. Apart from stray survivals from an earlier date, the series of Court minutes and financial records begins in the 17th Century.

The most important of the Company's surviving documents is the original Charter granted to the Company by King Charles II in 1662, incorporating the Tailors and Drapers of the City of York. Of a more recent date is the 1963 Grant of Arms to the Company by Garter King of Arms.

Useful Publications

  • The Merchant Taylors of York: A History of the Craft and Company from the fourteenth to twentieth centuries - edited by R. B. Dobson & D. M. Smith (Borthwick Texts & Studies 33 2006)

  • The Merchant Taylors Hall, York - A. Michael Mennim (Sessions of York - ISBN 1 873834 90 X)

  • The Merchant Taylors of York - Bernard Johnson MA, FSA (Master of the Company 1946-48) (Ben Johnson & Company)